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Sinbo SSM-2513 Toast Machine
Practical breakfasts and saving the day to prepare meals for the most effective electronic appliances is biri toasters, classic toast çeşitlerinin as well as creative toast by also help. Different sizes and specifications each beklentiye cater etmeyi succeeding toast machine models, delicious and hearty yiyecekler pişirmenizi sağlar as soon as possible. Practical and compact toast machine models located between the Sinbo SSM-2513 Toast Machine also brings about details of many useful.
Easy to Use with Providing Advantages Sinbo Toast Machine
From any angle, easy to use and ergonomics targeting Sinbo SSM-2513 Toast Machine compact size, switchless structure and fixed plakalarıyla “plug play” line with the concept of improved and is now available a toast machine model. This so no heat or the type of food can easily prepare tostlarınızı without the need of setting. Also are incredibly easy to use this toaster, in terms of property only practical detail sınırlı are insusceptible.
Sinbo SSM-2513 Toast Makinesi’ni Select Which Can Impact Causes
  • Compact size easily portable and fits anywhere.

  • Desensiz and meandering structure modern and image exhibitions.

  • Durable and non-stick plates with long years of trouble-free use imkânı.

  • Power and Heat warning lights accurate and efficient cooking process allows.

  • Locking latch through all family bireylerini potential accidents.

  • To run to takmak is enough power required.

Technical Specifications
Power: 750 W
Color: Black
Plate: Casting
Plate Shape: Corrugated
Sinbo About
20 years for small home appliance field specialize and always approachable price with the policy of moving Sinbo, every expectation and budget present the products achieves. Turquality programme is included and nowadays 80 countries exporting technology brand basic goal is to domestic production technological products all world internationally.

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