Tea Maker Glass Teapot 1.8 + 1 LT Capacity 2200 W Water Reservoir Electric Teapot with Glass Teapot Turkish Tea Kettle


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Tea Maker Glass Teapot 1,8 + 1 LT Capacity 2200 W Water Reservoir Electric Teapot with Glass Teapot Turkish Tea Kettle

Kiwi 2200 W Glass Teapot Tea Maker

Primera Kiwi Tea Making Machine, which greatly facilitates your life, is made of stainless steel. Primera tea machine with many functions is offered to you. The tea maker, which has an automatic shut-off feature, does not pose any security problems. Also, it runs smoothly with its powerful engine. Primera Kiwi Tea Maker enables you to host your guests while adding color to your kitchen with its large capacity and stylish design.

Convenient Design of Primera Kiwi Tea Maker

With its large teapot capacity, you can comfortably host crowded groups of friends. The Primera Kiwi Tea Maker, which attracts you with its simple and stylish appearance, is a great harmony of glass, plastic and steel.

Functional Primera Kiwi Tea Making Machine

While the product makes its many functional functions useful, it also enables you to be more practical and fast.
– When the time comes, ie when the water reaches the boiling point, the tea maker automatically shuts down and ensures your safety.
– It has a very simple and healthy appearance with its elegant and stainless steel cover.
– Thanks to the tea filter in the teapot, you do not need to use extra strainers.
– Anhydrous operation safety ensures that it automatically turns itself off when the water inside is exhausted.
– Lime and water filter allows you to drink lime-free tea.

Powerful Specifications

Engine power, teapot and water heater capacity, material and color constitute the technical characteristics of the product. Technical equipment allows you to use the product easily.
– Power: 2200 Watt
– Teapot Capacity: 1 L
– Teapot Material: Glass
– Body Material: Steel
– Kettle Capacity: 1.8 L
– Color: Black

Innovative Brand Kiwi

Kiwi, the brand established in Istanbul, delivers electrical home appliances produced with an innovative understanding. Among the products produced with the latest technology are coffee machines, multi-cookers, grills and blenders.

– Capacity: 1.8 L kettle, 1 liter
– Automatically shuts down
– Plastic kettle, glass kettle
– Large transparent water device
– Elegant stainless steel cover
– Full stainless steel filter
– STRIX controller
– 2200W
– Steel Filter: Yes









Safety Auto-Off Function


Electric Kettle

Power (W)



360 Degree Rotational Base

Automatic Shut-off


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