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Handy Small Toaster

Toasters, one of the most effective electronic tools for preparing practical breakfasts and meals that save the day, help you make creative toast recipes as well as classic toast types. The toaster models, which manage to appeal to every expectation with their different sizes and features, allow you to cook delicious and satisfying foods in a short time. SSM-2513 Toaster, which is among the practical and compact toaster models, also brings many useful details.

Easy to Use Toaster

Aiming at ease of use and ergonomics in every aspect, the SSM-2513 Toaster is a toaster model developed and offered for sale in accordance with the “plug and play” approach with its compact dimensions, buttonless structure and fixed plates. Therefore, you can easily prepare your toasts without the need for any extra heat or food type settings. In addition, this toaster, which is extremely easy to use, is not limited to practical details in terms of features.

Reasons for Choosing the Toaster

  • Thanks to its compact size, it is easily portable and fits anywhere.

  • It exhibits a modern and harmonious image with its patternless and curved structure.

  • With its durable and non-stick plates, it offers trouble-free use for many years.

  • It provides an accurate and efficient cooking process thanks to its power and heat warning lights.

  • It protects all family members from possible accidents through its locking latch.

  • It does not require on-off as it is enough to plug it in to operate.

Technicial Specifications

Power: 750 W

Color: Black

Plate: Cast

Plate Shape: Corrugated

Made in Turkey.



white, Black

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Toaster (Single Bread Piece Toasting)

Power (W)


Bread Slot Quantity

2 slices

Voltage (V)


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