Geeetech 3D Printer A20 Large print size 250x250x250mm, Filament detection, quick assembly, DIY kit, open source GT2560 MB


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Product Features

1. Steady bottom frame: The electronic parts are integrated into the lower frame, making the A20 stable and improving the printing results.
2. Quick to set up: You only need approx. 10 minutes to install the Z axis onto the XY base plate. Really and comfortable to use.
3. Power failure recovery: After an unexpected power outage, printing starts back where it left off. Printing can be stopped at any time to change the filament or continue printing the next day.
4. Silicone carbide glass printing platform: The A20 construction platform is made of silicone carbide glass with micropore surface without the need to use masking tape. It has excellent adhesion and thus solves the problem of replacing the top layer.
5. Open source firmware: The A20 comes with an open source GT2560 control board, offering unlimited space for you to change and adapt the firmware with your printer.


1.atuo-leveling and wifi function need to purchase the module separately to activate the function
2.All stocks have used Mylar version. Not glass
3.Please note that the motherboard version is shipped randomly (GT2560 V4.0 or GT2560 V4.1B)CN warehouse is GT2560 V4.1B version,(cannot use the NPN type capacitive switch sensor, otherwise the motherboard will be damaged.)
4.GT2560 V3.1 and 4.0 are LCD cable with horn buckle
5.Korean customers need to provide personal tax ID
6. In addition, please carefully understand your country’s policies on 3d printers, and buyers pay the costs due to the policies
7.Please note that the A20 printers shipped from the CN local warehouse are new models, and their motherboard is V4.1B, which is not compatible whit the NPN type capacitive switch sensor, otherwise the motherboard will be damaged, please choose the PNP type capacitive switch sensor.


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1·Printing parameters
Printing technology: FDM
Printing volume: 250*250*250mm3
Printing accuracy: 0.1~0.2mm
Positioning precision: X/Y: 0.011mm   Z: 0.0025mm
Printing speed: 60mm/s
Nozzle quantity: 1-in-1-out single nozzle
Nozzle diameter: 0.4mm
Filament: Diameter 1.75mm; ABS/ PLA, etc
Environment temperature: 10℃-40℃
Operating system: Windows/Mac/Linux
Slicing software: Repetier-Host, EasyPrint 3D, Cura
File format: .STL/.Gcode

2·Electrical parameters
Power input: 100-120V/200-240V
Power output: DC24V/14.6A,350W
Connectivity: TF card, USB
LCD screen: LCD 12864 screen

3·Mechanical parameters
Printer size: 442x447x480 mm3
Package size: 510x495x305 mm3
Net weight: ~7.8kg
Gross weight: ~10.2kg













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Model Number

Geeetech A20

Consumables Diameter


Printing Speed


Bed Temp


Slice Thickness




Color Print Speed

180 mm/s (max)


ABS/ PLA, etc

Slice Software

Repetier-Host, EasyPrint 3D, Cura

Power Supply


Maximum Working Speed

180 mm/s (max)

Precision:X/Y: 0.011mm Z


Operating System


File Format


Nozzle Diameter


Maximum Print Size


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