DIY Kits Single Sideband Short Wave Radio Receiver SSB CW Receiver 78L08 Voltage Regulator Chip Discrete Circuit


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1. The snail brand single sideband receiver machine circuit only uses a 78L08 voltage regulator chip, all other circuits are discrete parts and discrete parts
2. Snail brand single-sideband circuit structure: first-level cascode high-amplifier circuit + field-effect single-balance mixing circuit + field-effect matching circuit + crystal filter circuit + two-stage common-emitter common-base mid-amplifier circuit + diode balanced mixing Frequency circuit + audio driving circuit + audio power amplifier circuit. Among them, the local oscillation circuit is an electrically adjustable ceramic oscillation circuit, and the frequency stability completely meets the requirements of single-sideband reception, and the frequency adjustable range is at least 70 kHz. Note: The circuit board size is 150 * 100 mm, and the board is FR4.
3. The receiving sensitivity of the snail brand circuit is equivalent to that of the finished machine adopting this circuit.
4. Due to the addition of a high-level amplifier, the Snail receiver can use a common soft and thin wire to receive single-sideband signals. Of course, the short-wave reception and propagation are very closely related.
5. The power supply voltage of the whole machine is about 11.5V-13.8V, and the quiescent current is about 40mA.
6. The size of the aluminum case used is 106x55x100 mm
it is diy kits, need solder when you get,


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