DIY KIT 88-108MHz FM Radio Kit FM Radio DIY Radio Receiver Kit Fully Discrete


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88-108MHz FM Radio Kit FM Radio DIY Radio Receiver Kit Fully Discrete Unfinished

– Full Discrete Classic Circuit: Parameter characteristics can be changed to meet your needs
– Compact size and delicate
– Antenna Amplifier: Amplify the weak signal received by antenna for voltage amplification
– Tunable Filter: Effective filtering of frequencies which are not frequency points
– LC Circuit & LC Oscillator: Generate an adjustable, stable high-frequency signal for your mixer
– LC Notch Filter: Prevent external signals from interfering with IF signals
-10.7MHz IF Amplifier Processing: Frequency selection and amplification of IF signals
– Diode Ratio Frequency Demodulation: Convert FM signal into audio signal that our ears can distinguish
– Audio Amplification, Push-pull Current Amplifier: Voltage and current amplification of weak audio signals from the detector
– Clear Module Labeling: It is easy to distinguish. A good tool for pure analog circuit learning. A must-have learning board for RF engineers
– Military Grade PCB: thick material, ultra-low impedance, durable; the surface adopts special technology makes it easy to weld for green hands
– Superb Circuit Design: The circuit has been optimized through multiple experiments to provide users with a better quality learning kit and enjoy DIY process. RF and audio sections are isolated from each other. The RF impedance is strictly matched to ensure the overall receiving performance.
– High-quality components to ensure users have a better experience to DIY.

Premium Components:
– Capacitors: Quality high-frequency ceramic capacitors feature high precision, low internal resistance, easy identification.
– Resistors: High precision 5-color ring 1/4W resistors outperform normal 2-color resistors
– Inductive Coils: High-purity oxygen-free copper-wound inductors with wire 1mm in diameter
– Triode: Manual matching to ensure excellent performance of triode
– Intermediate Frequency Capacitors: The key intermediate frequency amplification and frequency demodulation parts use high-quality, high-Q, fully shielded IF inductors; Stainless steel shell makes it resistant to rust

Package Included:
– 1 x PCB Board
– Several Resistors & Capacitors
– 5 x Intermediate-frequency Transformer
– 1 x Horn
– 1 x Assembly Welding Instructions
– 4 x Inductance Coils
– 1 x Adjustable Capacitor
– 1 x Potentiometer with Switch
– 4 x Copper Pillars

– Assembling is needed.


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