Corby CX007 Zoom Pro Smart Camera Drone + 1 battery


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Corby CX007 Zoom Pro Smart Camera Drone + 1 battery

Corby CX007 Zoom Pro Smart Camera Drone + 2 Battery
Limited edition 2 battery-operated flight package 25dk’ya exitement flight of up to enjoy it!

Corby’nin most sold modellerinden CX007 with reasonable price and high technological features class leader. Foldable structure you wish away easily to anywhere. Automated landing and air fixing properties. Also for Ios and Android devices via camera image from and drone’u can control.

• The folding Design,
• In the air With Fixing Easy Flight
• Hd 720p Camera
• Ios & Android Phone With Uçurabilme
• Mobile On the Photo And Video Recording
• Hss: Motion Recognition System With Photo And Video Capture
• 7v 1200mAh Battery (2 pcs)
• 12-13 minutes Flight Time
• 75 meters Control With Control Distance

Four pcs pervaneye having Corby CX007 Zoom Pro Smart camera drone + 2 battery, the balanced uçurabilmeniz has been developed specifically for. Drone in the sky with aesthetic çekimler fly over by landscapes can achieve. Designed by Corby'nin CX007, nature and features conducive to enable you to get the city sights. High-definition image recording yapabilmeniz also suitable for this product, onto the internet can clear and impressive videos with oluşturabilmenize help. Be able to zoom feature located in drone, uzaklardaki images more detailed kaydedebilmenize. Drone'un silent work also technology offer many benefits for enthusiasts. Wild animals and birds görüntülerken drone'un noticeable complicating this feature documentary film makes also ideal for filmmakers. Natural images to be able to Corby CX007 drone'u can use.

Light Drone with Views Easily Kaydedin500 is less from total ağırlığıyla noticeable CX007, gökyüzünde moves quickly. Drone'un range of motion using action content can get the images. Left and right, up and down move towards ettirebileceğiniz drone, practical features bearing remote kumandasıyla gives you convenience. Long shot distance allows remote control, Spacious and convenient keys provides you convenience. Drone'un two pieces have to battery, A battery charge is exhausted immediately other battery passing through continue edebilmenize.

Hand Movements Detect Technology

Hand Sense System technology drone, Hand the use of your movement detecting you fast and functional. IOS and Android compatibility with the drone, different operating systems smart mobile phones of together so that appropriate qualifications. The screen of your phone camera image reflecting product live by following images as drone'unuzu yönlendirebilmenize. Acrobatic features bearing CX007, at a 360 degree angle tumble atabilme yetisine. Tumble feature, attracting and exciting video records by using drone'unuzu lets you set up. Battery teknolojisiyle de kullanıcılarını satisfied the drone, long term flights by performing seamless video records yapabilmenize.

25 minutes Finds Flight Experience

In total 25 dakikaya up to a time if you want to be able to shoot continuously throughout the envelope, Corby CX007 can order model. This product we can offer many advantages for Film and documentary makers, social media video installation for users loving at many useful properties. Outdoor sabitlenebilen drone, straighter shots you many advantages of the yapabilmeniz creates. CX007, is conducive to the use of stable camera sarsıntısız working feature beğeninizi wins. HD shooting gerçekleştirebilmenize allows the drone, 720p image resolution creating you detailed squares to get aids. Bird's eye photographing many detail for yakalayabilmek, 720p quality that makes shooting Corby CX007 model can buy.

Drone'unuzu 75 Meter Mesafeden Check

Corby brand modern drone'u 75 meter can use at a distance. This means, high building via drone'unuzu blowing up quite a wide view angle can achieve. Product remote control drone'unuzun bulunduğu direction yöneltmeye dikkat by can perform a trouble-free operation. 7 V working with capacity 1200 mAh battery drone, during any time of year for uçurabilmeniz is convenient. The product with rüzgâra and rain snow to be against the, under harsh environment also quality visuals oluşturabilmenize help. Both take both photo and video çekebilen CX007, photographers and sinemacıların appreciation wins. Quickly transfer data gerçekleştirebilen product saved images a short time to your device taşıyabilmenize.


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1080p HD Video Recording



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1/6.0 inches

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