Bittle Palm-size Programable Robot Dog Open Source Bionic Quadruped DIY Customizable Stem Toy Gift, Support Raspberry Pi Arduino


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Bittle: A Palm-sized Robot Dog for STEM and Fun

Petoi Bittle is a tiny but powerful robot that can play tricks like real animals. We fine-tuned every bit to fit agile maneuverability into a palm-sized robot pet. You can bring Bittle to life by assembling its puzzle-like frame and downloading our demo codes on GitHub. You can also teach it new skills to win prizes in our community challenges. Bittle makes a perfect tool for learning, teaching, researching, or a surprising gift to impress your family and friends. Bittle is not a toy for small kids. We recommend parental guidance to appreciate its rich content and avoid damage or injury.

Body frame

We designed Bittle's interlocking frame as a 3D puzzle with very few screws involved. Most body parts are symmetric for simplicity and aesthetics.

NyBoard V1

NyBoard V1 is a revision of NyBoard V0 that has been driving 2000 Nybbles all over the world. We continue to provide a 2×5 socket on NyBoard V1 for mounting Raspberry Pi. It powers the Pi and communicates with it through the serial or I2C network. The Pi gives Bittle the ability to analyze more sensory data, get connected to the Internet, and make decisions by itself. Due to Bittle's small size, it best fits Pi Zero and Pi 3A+. For larger Pi models, you will need to tilt the Pi and 3D print some supporting structures.

Extensible modules

Thanks to the Arduino and Raspberry Pi community, you can find many customization ideas for Bittle. There are four Seeed Grove sockets on NyBoard V1 for extensible modules. To make installation easier, we designed Bittle's head as a clip to bite on those modules. That explains why we created a dog out of OpenCat this time. There's also a screw hole inside Bittle's head for fixing additional modules.

We are still fulfilling Nybble orders for a worldwide audience

OpenCat started as the founder Rz Li's pet project in 2016. After the demo video went viral in 2018, he devoted all his time and resources to bring this sophisticated and cute robot to the public. He founded Petoi and successfully crowdfunded the Nybble project in 2018. All the earnings have been put into the fulfillment of Nybble and the R&D of Bittle.

Nybble and Bittle

Our mission is to bring affordable robotic pets from fiction to reality. We grew from a single maker to a company that can collaborate and negotiate with manufacturers to get the best solutions to our needs. We have many more cool ideas in mind, and Bittle is another small step towards our ideal shape of household robots.

Bittle kit (the final contents are subject to change)

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