Arven 7 Piece Pink Granite Cookware Set


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Emsan Arven 7 Piece Pink Granite Cookware Set Includes 18 cm Cookware 1,7 Liter
22 cm Cookware 3,5 Liter
26 cm Karnıyarık Pots 3 Liter
26 cm Frying Pan
Material: Granite Features dishwasher safe, long life use in terms of low sıcaklıkta and hand wash is recommended.
İndüksiyonlu is not suitable to use in quarries.
Fireproof non-stick easy cooking and cleaning properties of feature.
Stylish design bakelite side handle and hills burning of your hands.
Aluminum body üzerine scratches reinforced inner-outer granite looking finish.
Stylish glass covers meals through firing status conveniently is followed.
Glass cover bombesi through yiyecekleriniz pişerken sprinkler with feature yiyeceklerinizin vitamins to eat again enters into and extra delicious dishes can cook.


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