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 Questions about buying a mouse pad

1. About the smell of the mouse pad:

Dear buyer, in order for you to receive the product as soon as possible, the rubber and ink will be packaged immediately after the machine is heated during the production process. This will store some rubbery smell, but please rest assured, put it in a well-ventilated place, the smell will disappear.

2. About the size of the mouse pad:

Dear buyer, the mouse pad is made of rubber, which expands and contracts when heated by the machine during the manufacturing process. We usually use rolling packaging. After long-distance transportation, the size is 0.5-1cm, which is normal.

3. About the edge of the mouse pad:

Dear buyer, if you want to buy a mouse pad with an unlocked edge, please note that the mouse pad is made of many rubbers and is stacked and cut, so the cutting accuracy will be slightly off and the edges will be uneven. this is normal. If you want a neat, perfect edge, please consult our online customer service to purchase a beautifully sewn mouse pad with stitched edges. Of course, most of our mouse pads are locked.

4. About the color of the mouse pad:

Dear buyers, any printed matter has a certain degree of color difference: the computer displays RGB colors, and the printed matter is composed of CMYK four-color ink dots, and the imaging methods are also different. RGB colors, brightness, etc. are displayed on different monitors. When you open the same picture in different viewing software, the color will be different. Ambient light and human perception of color are different. After color calibration, there are differences between the colors of the monitor. According to the color values set in the design drawings, use the international four-color standard color spectrum for printing instead of printing according to the colors seen on the computer screen. Therefore, chromatic aberration is inevitable. The color difference is controlled within 10% to meet the standard. We will strictly follow the standard printing method, please rest assured to buy.

5. About the delivery time of logistics transportation:

Dear buyer, if the waiting time for receiving the goods is too long, it is because international logistics and transportation need to be transferred to multiple countries/regions before reaching your address. At the same time, due to weather, national policies and other reasons, many unpredictable factors will affect the speed of customs clearance. When you buy free shipping products in our store, it is an economical mode of transportation, and the delivery time and waiting for receipt will be slow. If you want to receive products quickly, it is recommended that you choose a paid shipping method with logistics tracking information.

















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