AData DDR5 LANCER RGB DDR5 16GB 16GBX2 5200MHZ Memory RAM DDR5 Computador Desktop PC


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Next generation esports memory speed benchmark

LANCER series DDR5 esports memory is XPG's first into the DDR5 generation, with 5200MT/s faster base frequency than DDDR4 generation, greatly improving the data transmission performance of computer systems.

Free transform RGB dazzle light

LANCER RGB DDR5 supports light effect control chips from major motherboard manufacturers. You can control the light effect mode by using the light effect software on the motherboard. You can also set the music mode to blink in sync with the music beat, making the system more vibrant!

New PMIC is efficient and stable power supply

The pMIC-Power Management IC is added to the circuit board to provide more stable Power supply and save energy and efficiency than DDR4 generation.

Built-in ECC real-time error correction

The ECC function is added into the memory particles, and the data can be corrected by itself without the need to be corrected by the system CPU when the data is accessed inside the memory particles, providing a more stable and reliable operation performance for the e-sports computer.

High quality material overfrequency surge speed is more stable

Strict selection of high-quality memory particles with high-quality circuit board, providing high speed and stable operation frequency, especially suitable for the pursuit of speed of e-sports players and overclocking masters.

Support Intel XMP 3.0 easy overclocking

Support Intel XMP 3.0, players interested in overclocking can directly choose the required XMP overclocking speed setting in the BIOS, you can complete automatic overclocking, no need to repeatedly test fine-tuning overclocking parameters, easy to operate, the system can also maintain stability.


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