AData DDR5-4800 U-DIMM 16GB 4800MHZ Memory RAM DDR5 Computador Desktop PC


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Fundamental frequency upgrade full speed upgrade

The new generation of ADATA DDR5 memory modules dramatically increases the memory base frequency from 3,200 Mt /s to 4,800 Mt /s, increasing the data transmission efficiency of computer systems.

Built – in power management chip saves power and efficiency

The new generation OF DDR5 memory modules, operating voltage is only 1.1V, energy saving performance is 8% higher than DDR4, in addition to more energy saving than DDR4, and add PMIC-Power Management IC. Provides a more stable power supply for efficient DDR5 memory.

Double the precision capacity of process

DDR5 Memory architecture allows more Memory Bank groups and Banks, and can support more chip stacks. In the same chip area, more integrated circuits can be stacked, so that DDR5 has more than two times more storage space than the previous generation, and computer multi-task operation no longer card.

On-die ECC system operates more stably

DDR5 directly adds the ECC function to the chip, and automatically corrects errors during data access in the memory chip without the CPU, providing a more stable and reliable operation performance for the computer.

QuikTips: DDR5 vs DDR4 – Appearance

DDR5 U-DIMMs have the same size and number of pins as DDR4 memory modules. The biggest difference is that DDR5 has a simpler appearance than DDR4 by integrating I/O resistors and CMD/ADD resistors into DDR4 chips. In addition, PMIC(Power management chip) has been added to provide stable power supply for DDR5 with only 1.1V operating voltage, which is 8% more energy saving than DDR4.

QuikTips: DDR5 vs DDR4 – Chip architecture

DDR5 memory particles provide twice the number of Banks and Bank Groups of DDR4, thus increasing the size of memory particles. In addition, Burst Length of DDR5 and Prefetch are also increased by 2 times. To ensure data correctness, the ECC function is added to DDR5 chips to provide more stable data operations.

QuikTips: DDR5 vs DDR4 – Performance

The biggest change in DDR5 chip architecture expansion is the simultaneous increase in bandwidth and frequency. The ADATA DDR5 memory module starts at 4,800 Mt /s and has a bandwidth of 38.4GB/s, up 50 percent from ddr4-3200. The maximum frequency increased 1.63 times from 3,200 mt /s of DDR4 to 8,400 MT/s of DDR5. The new generation of DDR5 has not only increased capacity but also increased speed.

QuikTips: DDR5 vs DDR4 – Comparison table

From the specification comparison table, we can see that the new generation of DDR5 memory modules can bring large performance and stability performance for computers.


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