(2PCS) 50ml Stars CPU Thermal Conductive Silicon Grease Paste Glue LED Light Silicon Rubber


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(2PCS) 50ml Stars CPU Thermal Conductive Silicon Grease Paste Glue LED Light Silicon Rubber

Product introduction:

Thermal conductive adhesive (white paste body);

Coefficient of thermal conductivity > 0.671 W/m.k;

Breaking strength 1.5 MPA

The surface curing time 10 min / 25

Scope of application:

With high strength,

Speed glue effect,

Applicable to strong direct binding of various components, leds and radiator, etc.)

Packing specification:

85 g/a,

Vacuum bag packaging good air tightness, coat isolation air, increase to save time.

Product performance:

For thermal conductivity and insulation good one-component RTV silicone, the product has good conductivity, the use of a wider temperature range (60 ~ 200°c ), the short term can be 300°c high temperature resistant. In addition also has the surface curing time is short, a strong cohesive force, long storage life, non-toxic, no solvent, safe application in electronics, electrical appliances, instruments, LED, heat sink, etc of the elastic adhesive, heat dissipation, insulation, and encapsulation.

Method of use:

1, when using this product directly to squeeze out, wipe with glued surfaces, good immediately after, to try again;

2, fixed speed and relative humidity in the air and surface temperature; The higher the temperature, the faster the curing speed, conversely the more slowly;

3, recommended daub thickness: 0.1 0.5 mm, the thinner the better

4, by bonding surfaces before use, please clean solvent such as alcohol, avoid by all means use detergent to clean, can daub after surface clean.




FUJIK Thermal Insulation Silicone
Product Type: BAB.900
Product specifications: 50ml / support
Performance and use:
1. as a medium for reducing calories;
2. A heat transfer medium is formed on the heat pipe. Such as iron, coffee pot, electric kettle in the heat pipe;
3. For the power industry between the power amplifier tube and the heat sink. Such as TV, CD, VCD, computer IC and power amplifier, etc .;
4. Other widely used in drinking fountains, air conditioning, ballasts, UPS, cars, aircraft, etc .;
1. Viscosity selectivity, small particles, suitable for a variety of construction conditions, creating good thermal conductivity;
2. Damping, in the temperature by the shadow, damping performance, such as in the aircraft, the application of the car;
3. Chemical stability, physical inertia, not susceptible to environmental or other items of chemical molecules caused by instability;
4. High insulation coefficient;
5. Suitable for harsh working environment, can be -50 ℃ -230 ℃ in the environment for a long time and does not appear dry, hardening or melting phenomenon;
6. Non-toxic and tasteless, non-corrosive, and easy to identify the color;
7. High-quality thermal conductivity, can improve product quality.


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Thermal Grease



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Conductive Heatsink Plaster


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Thermal plastic

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Thermal plastic



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Thermal Conductive Adhesive




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