2022.With 10W Wireless Charging RGB Mouse Pad PU Fabric Cute Mat Gaming MousePad for Desktop PC Laptop Notebook Computer


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1, Material: environmental friendly natural rubber + Jiaji cloth

1. The cloth surface adopts Jiaji cloth with good density. The surface is fine and smooth, which is suitable for most photoelectric mice and easy to locate.

2. The bottom adopts the international standard 3L natural rubber 88 anti-skid pattern design, which will not slide easily on any desktop.

It is suitable for single printing with high temperature, and the color of logo is higher than that of ordinary printing (single printing with a mouse, and the color is higher than that of silk screen printing). It is suitable for single printing with more than 3 times of color sublimation, and the color of logo is very clear after single printing (single printing with a mouse).

2, Colour

The color of the finished product label pad cannot be required by the color of the computer screen. The printing color and the display color shadow are two completely different color concept categories, so the color of the printed product and the computer display will be different; A mouse pad is a mouse pad, not a work of art.



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Mousepad desk mouse pad




With fast charger for iphone


With fast charger for huawei ,for Samsung mobile phone


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10W Wireless Charger for iPhone Samsung Xiaomi Huawei

Function 1

With 10W Wireless Charging

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for Desktop PC Laptop Notebook Computer

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